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  Information on IGOR  
  The "Institute for Gestalt ORganisational Consulting", IGOR, was founded by Eva Röttgers-Ferchland and Jürgen Ferchland in Frankfurt/Main, Germany in 1992.

Focus of the work of IGOR is the management of change, organization development and learning in an international-multicultural context. The range of IGOR's consulting work includes work on different levels of a system, f.e. coaching for individuals and teams as well as organizational development efforts for business units and companies.

  IGOR´s activities  
  • Consulting in longterm organization development projects which aims to create an environment and culture of trust, and to emphasize key issues of strategy implementation and organizational learning infrastructure.
  • OD-Projects aimed at the development of an international identity, either through consulting of the total organization, specific organizational units, teams or individual managers who are on international assignments.
  • Leadership Development Programs to enhance managerial and leadership effectiveness.
  • Teambuilding with work or project groups
  • From 1992-2002 IGOR offered International Training Programs for consultants, managers, and HR professionals in cooperation with the Center for Organization & System Development of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Based on the international approach IGOR has succeeded in establishing a network of OD professionals for multi-national OD-projects. In this network cooperate consultants from Belgium, Great Britain, India, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey and the USA.
  SCRUM - improve efficiency, creativity, added value  

Scrum delivers a framework for significant improvements in:

  • value creation
  • learning
  • dealing with uncertainty and
  • disruptive changes

through frequent feedback processes, cross functional teams and more.

The focus is on how teams actually work and gives them the tools to self-organize and rapidly improve both speed and quality of work.

Originally developed for IT development projects - as the result of years of analyzing, why many IT projects run out of budget and/or overtime.

Now it is spreading out in many other business areas like marketing, sales, senior leadership teams and more. Of course it needs adaptions to the specific areas and situations.

  Download SCRUM-Keynote (PDF)  
  Contact information  

IGOR Gestalt
Institut für Gestalt Organisationsberatung

Wolfsgangstr. 58
D-60322 Frankfurt

  Curricula Vitae  
1 CV of Eva Röttgers-Ferchland  
CV of Jürgen Ferchland  
  Articles published by IGOR  
1 "The Art of Completing a Project"
or: "How Columbus found India"